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Colorado Diesel News

Colorado Diesel News Articles, Reviews, Aftermarket News, and Site Updates will be featured here. ** Only Staff can start new threads.
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New to the site? Drop in, say hello and tell us a little bit about yourself.
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Colorado Diesel of the Month

This area will contain the Colorado Diesel of the Month Photo Contests.
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Colorado Diesel Forum

Colorado Diesel General Discussions

This section contains all Colorado Diesel general discussions.
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Colorado Diesel Purchasing

Have questions about purchasing a new Colorado Diesel? This section contains Pricing, Dealer Feedback, Latest Incentives, and Release Information.
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Colorado Diesel Builds

This section will contain custom Colorado Diesel build threads. Please only create ONE (1) thread per vehicle.
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Colorado Diesel Accessories

Discussions for all Colorado Diesel accessories. (Floor Mats, Bedliners, lighting kits, etc)
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Colorado Diesel Towing and Hauling

Questions about towing and hauling with your Colorado Diesel? Discuss hitches, towing setups and more!
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Colorado Diesel Stomping Grounds

Discussions comparing the Colorado Diesel against RAM, Toyotas, GMC's, Nissans, Fords and other Chevy's.
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Colorado Diesel Garage - Mechanics Corner

Colorado Diesel Electrical

If you're having any type of Electrical problem(s) with the lighting, MyLink, stereo, Bluetooth etc etc post your questions here.
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Colorado Diesel Lighting

Colorado Diesel Lighting discussions such as bulb replacement, HIDs, LEDS, etc
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Colorado Diesel Mechanical

If you're having any type of mechanical problem(s) with the Engine or Transmission post your questions here.
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Colorado Diesel Maintenance

Have questions about general Colorado Diesel Maintenance? Discuss everything from changing your oil to changing your Diesel Exhaust Fluid and everything in between!
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Colorado Diesel Suspension - Chassis

All Colorado Diesel suspension discussions including shocks, springs, Lift-Kits, and more!
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Colorado Diesel Tuning

Have a question about a tune? Want to share a tune? Need help with a tune? This is the place for info on Colorado Diesel tunes.
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Colorado Diesel Transmission

Discussions about the Colorado Diesel's Transmission - Everything and anything to do with the Transmission should go here.
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Colorado Diesel Appearance - Mod Corner

Colorado Diesel Appearance

Tired of the OEM look? Aftermarket Grills, Bumpers, Fender Flares and other appearance modifications, post here.
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Colorado Diesel Wheels and Tires

Discuss Colorado Diesel Wheels and Tires. Fitment questions, sizes, brands, and of course pictures gets posted in here!
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Colorado Diesel - Off Topic Lounge

Off Topic Lounge

Please DO NOT post any Political and/or Religious topics in this section. Thank you and have fun!!
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LEO and Military Services Lounge

This forum is dedicated to the proud men and women who are a part of the LEO Community, Military and for all Veterans who have proudly served!
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Colorado Diesel - Marketplace


This section will contain items for sale by the membership.
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Want to Buy - WTB

Looking for a specific item? Posted it here. Wanted Ads are posted in here.
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Colorado Diesel Supporting Vendors

Vendor Deals

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Green Diesel Engineering

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