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  1. Colorado Diesel Builds
    Hey y’all, recently been chewing on the idea of a 4” axle dump exhaust…. Anyone know if it’s been done? I’ve searched the web far and wide for a video of 4” exhaust on these trucks and can find nothing. I’ll post pics if I pull the trigger on it. I like the dump exhaust look and would add...
  2. Colorado Diesel Builds
    Hey y’all, just wanted to add some pics of my truck in case anyone had any ideas or wanted to see what it would look like on their truck. As of now, (much more to come, currently looking at deleting and tuning) here is what is done to the truck: truck bed liner fender flares Inner fender...
  3. Colorado Diesel Builds
    Hello all, FNG here. Pretty excited about finding this site, actually. Looking to buy a Duramax 2.8L diesel, but I won't lie to you: leaning towards the Canyon. The problem I've been running into, mainly, is the sparsity of centralized information. Hunting through thread after thread, finding...
1-3 of 3 Results