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  1. Colorado Diesel Tuning
    Hi I just bought a 2016 'rado Duramax. All the discussions on a delete seem to be old. I realize they are technically not legal now, but so is jaywalking and mattress tag ripping, right? Did everyone just stop doing it or is it becoming taboo to talk about? What's the deal?
  2. Colorado Diesel General Discussions
    Code 31096 popped up and a 175 miles till 65MPH limit related to Emission System Service. l was told it had to do with low temps and some DEF tand heaters. Does anybody have any input on this? Any info would help. Thank you.
  3. Colorado Diesel Mechanical
    I just got my 2020 Colorado 2.8 I have 762 miles on it currently I’m on my third tank of diesel my DEF fluid level has been reading at 100% except for one time about 100 miles ago it read 86% and just now it dropped to 82% but five minutes ago it was at 100% has anybody else had an issue with...
  4. Colorado Diesel Mechanical
    Hi, new forum member & new Colorado diesel owner. I took ownership of a Z-71 4 door short box in November (2019 model year). It has been a great truck with the exception of some emission related issues. I will explain the situation and see if anyone else has experienced the same issues and...
  5. Colorado Diesel Tuning
    Hey guys I've had my 2018 GMC Canyon with the duramax for about 4 months now. It has 11000km on it now. Already one dead maf sensor it was covered in diesely soot. That was at 8000km. But anyways looking at that intake pipe it's filled with garbage from the EGR. I want to delete the EGR and dpf...
  6. Colorado Diesel General Discussions
    I have a 2017 Canyon 2.8. It has 17000 km. I have flipped the LOW DEF code when the tank is not low 5 times. 1st time cleaned the sensor (Summer) 2nd timecleaned the sensor. (Fall) 3rd time replaced the sensor. (Fall) 4th time did a GM upgrade. (winter) 5th time .......(winter) still...
1-6 of 6 Results