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  2. SOLD aFe 3" Stainless Steel Exhaust System Available 49-44073

    Colorado Diesel Tuning
    Hello Everybody, If anybody is looking for one of these, I have a brand new one, in box to sell. It's the polished tip version with muffler, downpipe back, super nice. It was for a 2017 short-bed diesel Colorado but I think it will fit 2016-2019 and it has a 1 foot extension that I think is to...
  3. Canyon/Colorado factory hitch not able to use WD hitches?

    Colorado Diesel Towing and Hauling
    Hey guys ive been searching around and cannot seem to get a definitive answer. Ive read that these trucks cannot, or should not (might be a better term) use a weight distribution hitch since the factory hitches are not rated for use with a WD hitch. Now before i get a ton messages about "i tow...
  4. p00e9 code multiple times

    Colorado Diesel Mechanical
    So my 2018 Canyon keeps getting code p00e9 I first got it with 7980km on the truck I took it into the dealer and they changed the map sensor. Code went away for a month exactly. Now I'm at 11000km and the same code is back. Has anyone else experienced this? The truck is plugged in every night as...
  5. Problems May Prevent My Purchase

    Colorado Diesel General Discussions
    Ok, the more I read the more convinced I should just go pick up a 6-banger rather than get the MiniMax that I've been drooling over since I discovered seems that you either have minimal problems and max out around 60,000 miles before trading it in, or you hope and pray you can hand the...
  6. Whats on your keychain?

    Colorado Diesel General Discussions
    I am so obsessed with them, and other accessories that had to buy new every month or so…
  7. Hello,

    I wanted to drop a line to you at Colorado Diesel. I own a 2016 GMC Canyon and somehow ended up here. LOL. Well... we are cousins. Recently got the first engine code on this truck. 11500 miles and popped a Po13B code. Seen several posts on this code. My dealer mentioned a "Cam sensor" or...
  8. GMC Canyon Duramax Cold Weather Issues - Stalling, Surging, No Throttle Response, Fault Lights...

    Colorado Diesel Mechanical
    I purchased a 2016 Duramax GMC Canyon Crew Cab SLT on June 9, 2016 and it currently has rougly 13,000 miles on it. I have been experiencing cold weather issues with my Duramax, but much worse than jeffparkcity has experienced, with it stalling twice at intersections, with the last occurrence...
  9. Aftermarket Exhaust

    Colorado Diesel General Discussions
    Has anyone put a DPF-back exhaust on their truck? I want to put an exhaust but I don't want to void my warranty or set of any engine lights. any suggestions?