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  1. Duramax badge

    Colorado Diesel General Discussions
    I've seen pictures of these trucks with the Duramax badge on the tail gate. On my 2017 Z71, I have a pair of badges on my upper front fenders, but NOT on my tail gate. Is that deliberate, or a Wentzville oopsie? How about you?
  2. 18 ZR2 CCSB - in for the long haul

  3. Dealers can now order the ZR2!

    Colorado Diesel Purchasing
    Ladies and Gentlemen Orders are now being filled for the ZR2!!!!! Contact your dealerships. I ordered mine yesterday RED HOT, Crew cab, Short Box with the 2.8L Duramax. Deliveries are expected mid may. Enjoy the POWER! Farmdawg,
  4. GMC Canyon Duramax Cold Weather Issues - Stalling, Surging, No Throttle Response, Fault Lights...

    Colorado Diesel Mechanical
    I purchased a 2016 Duramax GMC Canyon Crew Cab SLT on June 9, 2016 and it currently has rougly 13,000 miles on it. I have been experiencing cold weather issues with my Duramax, but much worse than jeffparkcity has experienced, with it stalling twice at intersections, with the last occurrence...
  5. Sheared Timing Ring?

    Colorado Diesel Mechanical
    Has anyone heard of our little diesel experiencing catastrophic "Timing Ring" failures? I only ask because someone posting on the Car and Driver FB page made reference to the Colorado Diesel problems and referenced this. I can't find any reports of problems other than those in this forum. I also...