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  1. New zr2 2.8 owner

    Sup ya'll, lots of good information in here, I can't wait to delete and tune this rig, it feels restricted.
  2. Looking to buy delete stuff but have some questions

    Colorado Diesel Tuning
    Hello the name is Kamil. I got a 2016 colorado crew cab long bed diesel about a year ago. i have had DEF issues with it and i want to delete it and all the other emissions. I've been looking around at tunes and the only tune i found was the PPEI tune that allows for deletes. but I've seen some...
  3. Long term performance and reliability with a tune

    Colorado Diesel Tuning
    I haven't read much, or spoke with anyone who has a tune in their truck and am wondering if anyone has had any issues, and what they think of their tuned truck versus stock over the long term of a few months or more. I had a 3.6 gas truck for 8 months before I traded it in for my diesel. I...