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  1. Colorado Diesel Maintenance
    Ended up cutting my DPF out for an off-truck flush using the Motor Power Care DPF Flush.... Flushing solution and band clamps should be here tomorrow... Will post more pictures as well as an update once I get the cartridge flushed, installed and have completed a service regen (using the Innova...
  2. Colorado Diesel Mechanical
    Where do I start.... my 16 was built in March of 16 and I purchased it in June of 16 with 24 miles on it. I paid $47,600 for it. I got ever option I could. Duramax, long bed, z71, trailboss package, navigation, big screen, Bose sound... blah blah. The issues never stop! My first issue was at...
  3. Colorado Diesel General Discussions
    Ok, the more I read the more convinced I should just go pick up a 6-banger rather than get the MiniMax that I've been drooling over since I discovered seems that you either have minimal problems and max out around 60,000 miles before trading it in, or you hope and pray you can hand the...
1-3 of 3 Results