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  1. 2016 Colorado issues

    Colorado Diesel Mechanical
    Where do I start.... my 16 was built in March of 16 and I purchased it in June of 16 with 24 miles on it. I paid $47,600 for it. I got ever option I could. Duramax, long bed, z71, trailboss package, navigation, big screen, Bose sound... blah blah. The issues never stop! My first issue was at...
  2. Problems May Prevent My Purchase

    Colorado Diesel General Discussions
    Ok, the more I read the more convinced I should just go pick up a 6-banger rather than get the MiniMax that I've been drooling over since I discovered seems that you either have minimal problems and max out around 60,000 miles before trading it in, or you hope and pray you can hand the...