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  1. Colorado Diesel Tuning
    Hey y’all, so I’m in the process of making “off-road only” and putting a 4” exhaust on, as of right now it is downpipe back as I’ve been busy and haven’t had time to fab my new downpipe. I will add a quick sound clip shortly!
  2. Colorado Diesel Mechanical
    Hey y’all, had a question about exhaust sensors. The second one behind the dpf, (exhaust temp sensor), any recommendations on places to get grommets, how to mount it etc?? I am fabbing a 4” dpf back dump exhaust and am wondering if it is a temp sensor or an O2, what I should do with it etc. I...
  3. Colorado Diesel Builds
    Hey y’all, recently been chewing on the idea of a 4” axle dump exhaust…. Anyone know if it’s been done? I’ve searched the web far and wide for a video of 4” exhaust on these trucks and can find nothing. I’ll post pics if I pull the trigger on it. I like the dump exhaust look and would add...
  4. Colorado Diesel Mechanical
    Looking for some advice on the above two issues with my 2016 Colorado Z71. I purchased used in Sept. '19 and the truck already had 90k miles logged. I noticed the hissing noise associated with the turbo a couple months ago. From what I've read it's likely a bent fin. The deal with the...
  5. Colorado Diesel General Discussions
    Has anyone put a DPF-back exhaust on their truck? I want to put an exhaust but I don't want to void my warranty or set of any engine lights. any suggestions?
1-5 of 5 Results