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  1. No Regrets...

    New to the .ORG after a year I decided to lift mine and tune it. Well worth it in every way.
  2. Level Vs. Lift

    Colorado Diesel Suspension - Chassis
    So I will be in the market for a Colorado (4wd diesel z71) within the next month or two. I agree that the truck has too much rake and must be dealt with. My question is to lift (4") or level (3.5")? My concern is the geometry of the CV joints with a level. I have considered the readylift SST 3.5...
  3. I guess I'll go first

    LEO and Military Services Lounge
    I am an ARMY Combat Veteran, a has been SSG combat engineer and proud of it. I just purchased a new Colorado minimax! Very happy with it so far only 2000 miles. Pulled my tractor with ease. I just installed a 3" front strut spacer kit and 2.5" rear blocks. Now I get a vibration at 20-40 MPH...