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  1. Colorado Diesel Suspension - Chassis
    Hey y’all, I have the ZR2 2.8 and am wondering what I need to replace my shocks with… I have a leak in back left and front left is moanin and groanin. Any advice on what shocks are bolt on for the ZR2 would be much appreciated. Either that or a lift kit that replaces everything 😁
  2. Buy/Sell/Trade
    Hey folks, I swapped out my front end for a Fab Fours bumper and have all the original front end parts and I completed a Baja Kits and King Coil Over lift so I have my original Suspension parts as well. These are off a 2107 GMC Canyon SLT. I removed everything prior to 300 miles. Drove it off...
1-2 of 2 Results