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  1. Reduced Power mode while towing

    Colorado Diesel Mechanical
    I have had two Reduced power / Check engine episodes so far on this new truck. Both times were pulling 3000# travel trailer, in tow mode, on 6% grade, in cruse control at about 65 miles per hour. Limped into dealer. Three days of diagnostic only to say "Soft failure" I believe it is an issue...
  2. Canyon/Colorado factory hitch not able to use WD hitches?

    Colorado Diesel Towing and Hauling
    Hey guys ive been searching around and cannot seem to get a definitive answer. Ive read that these trucks cannot, or should not (might be a better term) use a weight distribution hitch since the factory hitches are not rated for use with a WD hitch. Now before i get a ton messages about "i tow...
  3. I guess I'll go first

    LEO and Military Services Lounge
    I am an ARMY Combat Veteran, a has been SSG combat engineer and proud of it. I just purchased a new Colorado minimax! Very happy with it so far only 2000 miles. Pulled my tractor with ease. I just installed a 3" front strut spacer kit and 2.5" rear blocks. Now I get a vibration at 20-40 MPH...