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  1. Colorado Diesel Tuning
    I just got a 2022 zr2 and I’m eager to tune this baby. Has anyone used these guys tunes I’m having a hard time finding anything for 2022? I’m planning just to tune for now, but Sasquatch hoses and catch can and eventually exhaust but I don’t know how hard it will be to get that as I’m stateside...
  2. Colorado Diesel Tuning
    Hello all, Long time lurker and first time poster (I will do a greeting post once I write this haha) I dont have access to a diesel shop, i barely have a GM dealer... as I live in Northern Canada. However, I am heading to a larger city in a week and intend to put the truck on a diet while...
  3. Want to Buy - WTB
    Looking to buy a afe scorcher off someone , I want a plug and play unite that doesn't require additional tuning
1-3 of 3 Results