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  1. Colorado Diesel Mechanical
    I am trying to chase down a problem with excessive regen cycles (every 100 miles or so, maybe 130-200 if I'm strictly driving the highway) in my 2016 colorado 2.8L with about 40k on it. For some background I believe this problem started last winter after I popped my rear main seal because of a...
  2. Colorado Diesel Mechanical
    Just purchased 2016 2.8 Duramax Z71 with 133,000 miles. First trip out of town yesterday, no load or trailer. Halfway up a steep grade, "reduced power" warning displayed along with check engine light. I pulled over within a mile & shut off truck for 5 minutes. Warning disappeared but check...
  3. Colorado Diesel Mechanical
    Looking for some advice on the above two issues with my 2016 Colorado Z71. I purchased used in Sept. '19 and the truck already had 90k miles logged. I noticed the hissing noise associated with the turbo a couple months ago. From what I've read it's likely a bent fin. The deal with the...
1-3 of 3 Results