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New to the site but after some research looks like I found a place to post my build. Let me know what you think.
DV8 Motorsports in North Palm Beach, florida took my ideas and ran with them. Those guys are some workers.
If you haven't done the full EGR delete and tune/intake/exhaust to your off-road build - all I can say is wow what a difference. Roars, turbo sounds beautiful, and the fuel economy/power is incredible. Proud of their hard work and thoughts along the way. The truck in and of itself is an entire different one than what I bought. The pedal was so poor and dead; the tuning and modifications really bring the magic out of this midsize pickup.

I want to say the full EGR removal was an almost 8 hour process,
and the exhaust install was a bear removing the cat and SCR etc. The room it freed up in the engine compartment is wild. There were I think 5-6 restriction points on the original exhaust from the engine back.

The exhaust system has since been finished off with a nice black polished tip I don't believe the pics captured.

I am sure I will find the time to put the EGR equipment back on before I take it daily driving :)

-Fuel Wheels (Triton) , 33 toyo tires
-Zone 5.5" Lift with Fox shocks
-FULL EGR delete hardware
-flow pro 3" exhaust all the way back from turbo with DPF delete
-PPEI on the fly 4 mode tune
-AFE Cold air intake



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2017 GMC Canyon LB SLT 2.8L Duramaxtune. Loads of upgrades.
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Tell us about the bug / chip guard on the hood. Looks like something I would like to do.
AVS autoshield 2
I have the same bug guard. I love it but t does make the hood under it harder to clean. The rubber stoppers for the edges already fell off. I just drive it too hard in the desert.
Airing up after a fun day offroad
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