I am kicking around the idea of selling my Canyon. I retired about a year ago and the primary reasons I purchased it for no longer really apply. It is no longer a “need” for me. I really like it and the thought process of letting it go is about being practical with my retirement income versus my requirement for ”cool” and the uniqueness of a midsize diesel. I have several other hobby vehicles that are more appropriate for my current life. Prior to retirement it checked every box of what our family lifestyle required (a lot of road trips) but now it surpasses that In ways that are unneeded. Prior to my retirement a year ago it almost exclusively was used on long interstate road trips, over 10,000 miles annually of nearly exclusive interstate driving.

I did tow with it but never over rated capacity and usually very well under rated capacity.

We do travel with our dogs but the rear seats were always covered. They are in like new condition.

It is in great condition. Oil changes were always done between 4000 and 5500ish miles. I only used pennzoil Euro L Dexos 2 oil and with only one exception used AC Delco filters. I saved at least one box top and wrote the miles on them with a brief description of the services completed. I have them in a zip lock bag in the glove box.

At 45,XXX miles I drained the trans fluid and replaced it with the new Mobil blue label fluid recommended by GM. I also installed the larger capacity PML trans fluid pan that has a drain plug. I never experienced trans shudder, at least none that I could detect. I was told you couldn’t miss it if you had it.

It has the Autospring 2” lift on the front and their add a leaf on the back. The add a leaf greatly improves towing behavior. When I installed the add a leaf kit, I also installed their leveling block in an attempt to correct the “Chevy lean” and it helped but didn’t completely eliminate it. (It is amazing to me this is so common and been present in GM trucks for decades.)

It has the Fab Fours HD rear bumper and the Undercover Ridgelander hard tonneau cover with an extra Rhino Rack cross bar I purchased separately. It also has the Rhino Rack bike mount currently installed.

As it was always planned to be a road trip truck, I installed the factory fender flares to help reduce rock chips in the paint.

I am not a big fan of chrome so i purchased a factory painted black grill that I haven’t gotten around to installing. I figured with all the interstate driving I would let the chrome grill get the rock chips / bugs and change it out when I retired. I haven’t done it yet but will include it.

I purchased the GDE tunes before the crackdown and later purchased their EPA compliant tune. It will come with all tunes GDE has supplied to me as well as the tuner module. I have only been running it tuned for about 8000 miles as I was concerned about voiding the warranty. I will say, how it drives tuned is one aspect that makes me want to keep it.

I really don’t want to do a long distance sale. I want whoever buys it to inspect it in person.

I replaced the tires at about 60,000 miles with the same model/type Goodyears it came with from the factory. It now has 78,000 but I would expect that to increase a couple hundred miles a week.

It has some minor dings/chips in the paint but much less than you would expect with so many interstate miles. The tailgate a has a few dings as well. I almost always park way out in parking lots to avoid door dings. (Some people are just so inconsiderate.)

No accidents at all and it was always driven with plans to keep it forever. I even purchased new take off seat upholstery because I expected to someday need to replace it. I have the new upholstery in a couple totes stored in my basement. I even bought a new driver side seat foam and have it stored away. However, the current upholstery is still in fantastic condition.

Very recently I changed the front and rear diff oil. Not too long ago I replaced the transfer case fluid.

I just got back from a 2500 mile road trip and haven’t cleaned it up. Attached are photos as it sits today, still dirty, and a cleaner one from just after I installed the lift.

I also have an AFE turbo back exhaust you can pair with one of the tunes if you don’t have concerns where you live about such modifications. It is currently listed for sale in another post. If I don’t sell it alone, I will include it for another $500 and the extra upholstery set for $300.

It has needed two emissions sensors replaced which has been done. And, it had a problem with the battery going dead that I believe was a bad battery.

There were also a few times the AC would stop working when driving for hours nonstop in very hot and humid areas, well actually only between Shamrock, TX and in the region of Hereford, TX. Maybe it was actually trying to save me from the feed lot stench of Hereford, lol. I believe the condenser was icing up as if I shut it off for a bit it would work just fine. It hasn’t recurred in years.

I have posted a lot here about my experiences with the truck. Search my posts and you can see it all.

So, getting back to my original point, this is a feeler. If you are really interested and want to take a look at it, let me know. I am pretty much in the middle of nowhere in Mayhill, NM.