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I’m looking to get into a 2017 and the VIN is showing two owners already. First owner was about 8 months/8200 miles and second owner was 10 months/10K miles.
So this begs the question - why?

Should I dig an see if I can get service records from Chevy? I’m not sure how that process even works for something I don’t own just yet.

So I’m a bit skeptical, but maybe it’s my paranoia.

What ya think? Bad news two owners or just owners that couldn’t make payments?

EDIT1: So I figured out to plug the VIN into myCarfax app and shows regular looking service records at 7300 and 15K. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. Maybe it showed two owners because two different counties. Possibly the person moved and just had to change registration. The two places were only 22 miles apart so that seems plausible.
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