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2018 Colorado/ Canyon Changes

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One of the guys at work was pestering me this morning saying I didn't wait long enough to get a Canyon, as the 2018's he had heard would produce 200 HP on the 2.8 Duramax. I did some investigating and found this post. Claims that they will make 200 HP with 325 ft/ lbs of torque, mated to an 8 speed automatic.

Here's the post:

Not sure if I like the idea of the 8 speed, although I know that the 2017 gas engine trucks have them, but haven't heard that they get much better fuel economy than before. 8 speed Might help with towing? I'm more jealous that us 2016/ 2017 guys have to tune and delete our trucks to get 200 hp/ 335 torque or more and they get it from the factory =P I'm also jealous as a 2017 owner that I don't have the ability to get the DSP4 switch from DuramaxTuner, I can only get single tunes =(
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Less torque? Might as well go v6 gas with those numbers. I'll keep my 230/460 tune (;

8 speed doesn't turn me on. Hell, before the trans tune my truck barely went into fifth gear. Now it will get in fifth but It doesn't get in sixth gear most weeks since I'm all around town.

In a tow rig I want it to get in a gear and stay there. Most transmissions in full size truck up until very recently were four speeds which is three plus overdrive. You'd tow in third most of the time. 4l80, 4l60 etc

I don't need it hunting for gears all the time, that's why it has a turbo.
Emissions and tuning are only going to get more strict. There will be a time very soon when GM will lock them all together and tuning/deleting will be a thing of the past. You can already see this happening as 2017 trucks are much harder to tune...

There will always be a better truck coming out next year.
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that article had so many false claims it was hard to see it on the internet, just know that nothing you read there was even close to accurate
My favorite part was that every time they type the letters HP it auto corrected to Hewlett Packard and they didn't catch It
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I'm glad I have a 2016 MY truck then. Just need the Duramax Tuner.
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