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2018 Colorado free maintenance service

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Trying to confirm what's offered on the 2 yrs free service. 2 oil changes, 4 tire rotation and 4 DEF fill ups? True or not true?
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I received 4 free oil changes and DEF fills. Dealer has never rotated tires.
I got 2 free oil changes. Dealer still top off my DEF free every time I come in for oil change.
It would be hard for dealers to keep up with progress on "4 DEF fills". I had a top off at my 2nd free oil change, but no others that I know of. Better solution, lube shops provide metered DEF fill hoses, at bulk rates. They get business bird dogs, we get convenient DEF top offs. No more carrying 2.5 gal of Walmart DEF on trips, awaiting the "30% remaining" warning, with companion anxiety about limp mode if you don't get to it right away.

Sidebar. I keep track of my DEF and am converging on 50+ gal fuel/gal of DEF. I know there's more to the use rate than that, but has anyone else been tracking this parameter?
I watched def consumption on my SPADE a while back. I can’t remember exactly but the consumption was something like 1.x grams per kilometer, so you’re probably really close on your measurement
Yes. it is Duramaxtuner’s name for the Auto-cal which is the deployment device used for efi-live. They’re all the same. You can monitor the truck similar to a scan gauge using it
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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