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Well I got bitten by the transmission bug issue that has been plaguing the V6 Colorado.
For information: Class Action Lawsuit: 8L45 and 8L90 Transmission Problems

Basically the transmission has hard shifts, shudders, and it mostly appears to be torque converter friction plate caused. This causes metal shavings in the transmission.
I don't want to do TSB, after TSB, and recall after recall and cross my fingers that eventually GM gives a lifetime warranty to the transmission.

This was supposed to be my retirement truck. Ugh...

So I am swapping to a 2020 ZR2 Diesel.
  • Are any of the American tuners doing fully emissions compliant tunes?
  • I see I might be able to get one from .ca sites.
Do any of the tuners (any country) offer a full emissions compliant multi tune that will work on a 2020? I definately don't want to piss off the EPA. (Epic Pains in the A$$).
I am most interested in the Sport-Eco tune, but would like the option to switch for hauling.
I really desire the multi-tune so I have the option of switching between Sport-Eco, and Tow tune...
Note: I haul a 3200lbs camper in the summer when I go camping, and a trailer + 4 wheeler that comes in at 2000lbs on weekends I for 4 wheeling.

So a single tune does not fit the bill for me.

Also since delete is no longer an option, what are some strategies to minimize engine wear due to EGR?
So far I will look to install an oil catch can, which should help a little ... What other strategies could one employ?

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