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Well I got bitten by the transmission bug issue that has been plaguing the V6 Colorado.
For information: Class Action Lawsuit: 8L45 and 8L90 Transmission Problems

Basically the transmission has hard shifts, shudders, and it mostly appears to be torque converter friction plate caused. This causes metal shavings in the transmission.
I don't want to do TSB, after TSB, and recall after recall and cross my fingers that eventually GM gives a lifetime warranty to the transmission.

This was supposed to be my retirement truck. Ugh...

So I am swapping to a 2020 ZR2 Diesel.
  • Are any of the American tuners doing fully emissions compliant tunes?
  • I see I might be able to get one from .ca sites.

Do any of the tuners (any country) offer a full emissions compliant multi tune that will work on a 2020? I definately don't want to piss off the EPA. (Epic Pains in the A$$).
I am most interested in the Sport-Eco tune, but would like the option to switch for hauling.
I really desire the multi-tune so I have the option of switching between Sport-Eco, and Tow tune...
Note: I haul a 3200lbs camper in the summer when I go camping, and a trailer + 4 wheeler that comes in at 2000lbs on weekends I for 4 wheeling.

So a single tune does not fit the bill for me.

Also since delete is no longer an option, what are some strategies to minimize engine wear due to EGR?
So far I will look to install an oil catch can, which should help a little ... What other strategies could one employ?


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The guys that did my delete I know are working on multi stage tuning for the 2019 when I was there the truck was being tested. It is not the DSP4 thing either I am not sure what they were doing but they were still testing. I talked at length with the owner and the one thing I got the impression of was that he would not release until it was perfect. Guy was a kinda a weird guy but super nice and really new what he was talking about. He was pretty upset at the time with EFI as they had no autocals and was programming the ecu in his office not through the communication port.
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