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Hey guys, sorry I know i just joined for the sole purpose of selling the parts I never installed on my truck so forgive that. I had a 2017 GMC Canyon 2.8 and had planned on fully deleting the truck. Then at the last minute I decided to sell my house and buy else where. During the move the truck gave me trouble with a couple injectors and it was in the shop for a couple weeks so I ended up trading it in before doing the delete. I ended up moving and forgot about the parts in the garage until I found them this last weekend. I didn't find my EGR block off kit so it isn't listed but I do have the down pipe and DP back for sale.

Dans Diesel DP PN: DDP28DMAXDP was $215 plus shipping when I bought it and it doesn't appear to be made any more.

AFE DP back exhaust PN: AFE49-44073-P was $476.10 also looks like they have different numbers now.

Locally here in Seattle Washington I am asking $175 for the DP and $425 for the exhaust or $500 for both. I haven't checked on shipping yet but I am willing to ship.

Again these are pretty much new/never installed just been sitting in my garage for 2 years. The DP has some surface rust on the Turbo flange side but that would clean up easily.
If anyone is local and wants to verify everything is good for someone on here I am okay with that.

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