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2017 Colorado Z71, Dark Metallic Gray, 60,000 miles
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No, you don't want a Scorcher. I have a 2017 Colorado with 41, 000 miles. Less than two months ago, I had a Scorcher installed by an authorized AFE installer shop. I would have installed myself, having been a diesel mechanic for ten years, but I didn't have the special equipment to do it. Once installed, I left the shop and got no further than five miles down the road and the ECM started throwing codes. I drove back to the shop. The code was P0244, which is DEF system, differential pressure low. They reset the ECM and told me that the Scorcher module needed to "learn" how I drove the vehicle. Since then, I have bought a scan tool and reset the ECM 3 dozen times. The codes are always the same. Several times the engine would surge prior to throwing a code, and if I hadn't had my foot near the brake, I would have crashed into the vehicle in front of me. I now have to pay the shop who installed the device to remove it and hope I haven't damaged DEF system.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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