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Has anyone attempted to install a by pass oil filter system ?
I sent an email to AMSOIL about making a kit for our trucks. They didn’t comment on it though.

I would really like to see this mod. If you search you can see that the soot in a Diesel engine is abrasive.
This is one of the reasons I would never do extendoil changes on a diesel.

We need to find a safe place to tap into the high pressure side of the oil system a then a place to return the clean oil.
There is a concern with these systems. They lower your oil pressure just a bit. Some of the oil pressure is diverted to the bypass filter. Theory is it’s better for the motor to have clean oil over a small lose in pressure.

I have seen where one guy drilled a hole in the oil fill cap for the clean oil return line.

The nice thing about a screw on filter instead of the paper cartridge style we have is that you can get an adapter that goes under the screw on filter that supplies a cone place for the bypass filter. Making install a complete no brainer.

Also I not a fan of this cheap paper oil filters we have to use. There are much better filters out there to choose from in the screw on design. Like AMSOIL....

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