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Another new guy in Colorado

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new in Denver, bought a Cyber Grey 2017 Canyon SLT short box a month ago, now have just over 1300 miles and am absolutely loving it. I drove a 1997 Jeep Wrangler for the last ten years and then switched to a 2010 Chevy Avalanche about six months ago. Just couldn't get used to the size, particularly the width, driving around Denver traffic and parking lots so I went looking for something a bit smaller. Ironically the Canyon is only about six inches shorter overall than the Avalanche but it feels like it's about a foot narrower and is much more maneuverable for me. I test drove both the gas and diesel versions and fell in love with the diesel's power delivery. So far I've added a Gator Evo tonneau cover, factory GMC mud flaps, LED high and low beams, and removed the air dam. Seems that the mod bug is just as strong with this as it was for the Jeep. I'm hoping I can contribute to this site but at the moment am still in learning mode so expect some (hopefully not so dumb) questions as we go along.
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Welcome. I'd like to know about the led swap
+1 on LED info. Welcome to the club I came over from a 2015 Wrangler having had a crew cab Silverado before that, and I totally agree these trucks are so much easier to maneuver than the full sized trucks and in the end you don't give up all that much overall space. Not quite as nimble as the Jeeps, but pretty close.
I started to post a reply to the LED question here but then realized it made sense to put it into the lighting subforum. You can find my info once the moderators approve my post.
Sorry Guys, I posted info on the LED lights two days ago but the post still says waiting for moderator approval. I don't know how long that takes. I posted in the LED lighting thread in the light subforum so hopefully it'll show up there soon. Didn't want you to think I was ignoring you.
I don't even know if the moderators have diesel colorados, or if they come here often. Down at the bottom where it shows "friends" the same moderators post at those truck websites
OK, in that case I guess I'll just give you the text version. I posted a bunch of photos in my original and I'm guessing that's what's triggering the delay since I don't have enough posts to be trusted.

I bought the Hikari LED lights off Amazon. I went specifically looking for lights with the XPH50 bulbs since my research led me to believe they're the best of the breed. These had the best review ratings of the bunch.

I also bought two sets of these to replace the dust caps since the LED lights have fans for cooling them and I was leery of having them closed up within the headlight housings.
These worked perfectly for the low beams but not the highs as it turns out the Canyon high beam bulb is not centered on the opening for the dust cap. I ended up tucking the LED driver inside the housing for the high beam and put the stock dust cap back on. I figure the highs don't get used that much so it should be fine having everything inside. It actually looks to me like the stock dust caps would fit on the low beams with no problem. We had some snow last Friday and my headlight housings iced over, I'm wondering if it'd be a good idea to put the stock caps on in the wintertime in order to let that warm air circulate and maybe keep the ice from building up.

If you could see the pics you'd see the LED bulbs produce a much more filled in pattern. I haven't had any chance yet for actual night time driving on real dark roads so I don't have any pics on the road yet. The little bit that I've driven at night has been in the city where there's lots of light pollution so it's kind of hard to tell exactly how well they're working. LED bulbs get knocked for not throwing the light out in the distance. I can tell these do throw as well as the stock but they fill in so well close in that by comparison the distance looks dim.

The connector for the low beam bulbs have an extra small tab on on side that needs to be trimmed off.

Edit: I copied all of that text from my earlier post with pics. I've since gotten out on a nice dark road to really get a feel for how they work and I'm very impressed. The low beams reach out as far as stock but really light up in close, they're a nice clean white light. The high beams are painfully bright if you're an oncoming car. I have a pic where they're lighting up some curve warning signs a good 1/4 mile away. I changed my avatar to show the low beams as seen from an offset angle, as if it were another car going the other way.
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