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Hi everyone,
I know this has probably been discussed numerous times before...but the dreaded rear end clunk.

I recently bought a 2015 Holden RG Colorado space cab second hand.
Only recently noticed a rear end clunk after driving over bumps and dirt roads ect I had only driven on smooth roads so hadn't noticed it before.
Otherwise the ute is great and am happy with it.

I've researched numerous forums and online reviews and watched YouTube videos trying to figure out what the noise might be but still no answer.

In the last month I've takin it to 2 friends who are mechanics and checked over the car on hoist. Couldn't find anything obvious or loose.

-Also took it to pedders suspension for a day and they couldn't find anything.

-Tried the "rubber fix" mentioned on various forums between the leafs front and rear and the noise is still there.

-Checked all body mounts and tub mounts.
-Checked U bolts on leaf springs.
-Pulled out under rail tubliner and test drove
-Checked for any loose cables under body.
-Checked exhaust and mounts.
-Had shake test at pedders suspension.
-Replaced rear shackle leaf bushes (all)
-Haven't replaced front leaf bushes but been checked and okay.

I'm lost as to what it could be. And I have found no solutions.

Any advice and or information would be much appreciated...
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