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And I don't mean women or alcohol ;)

I stumbled on the new Wilton Hitch2Bench truck vice and I thought it was super cool! It can easily be mounted to your work bench, truck or tailer and serve for an all-in-one solution.

Buy it easily here on Amazon:

Some jobs go beyond the workshop, some jobs make you come to them. For the jobs that demand function, strength and mobility we present the ATV All-Terrain Vise by Wilton. Secure it in your hitch or mount it on your bench. The ATV is designed to handle the toughest road conditions. The ATV is built to keep up with you, when you're on the clock or off the grid. Get fixed up on the fly and keep your crew on track with the ATV. Sealed design protects internal components from water and debris. Powder coated for rust protection. Large anvil for forming and striking. The jaws are replaceable.
  • Fits a standard 2 hitch and includes a hitch pin for security."
  • Can be mounted on a bench or trailer for even greater versatility with the included mounting bracket.
  • Lightweight and with an integrated carrying handle, the ATV is designed for easy transport.
  • Patented 360Degree locking handle secures the handle while driving or repositions it while working.
  • The included set screws are designed to provide a tight fit in the hitch and reduce vibration while driving.
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