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I found this info a while back and thought it was cool. I tested it out this winter and it definitely works but since then i honestly forgot about it since i usually remote start my truck especially when it’s cold. I came back across it and wanted to share it with you guys.

Auxiliary Electric Heater
The Colorado/Canyon equipped with the 2.8L Duramax diesel are also equipped with an auxiliary electric heater grid to provide faster cabin warm-ups in cold climates.

The auxiliary heater grid is mounted in the low-center of the HVAC module, where heat is transferred from the grid to air which is directed to the floor outlet ducts.

The auxiliary heater is enabled only when the cabin temperature is set to MAX, the engine coolant temperature is less than 176°F  (80°C), and the outside air temperature is less than 54°F  (12°C).

When the engine coolant temperature rises above 176°F  (80°C), the temperature control is moved away from the MAX position, or the outside air temperature is above 54°F  (12°C), the auxiliary electric heater is disabled, and cabin heat is managed only by the coolant based heater core and temperature door position.

If the auxiliary electric heater is activated and then turns OFF, it can actuate once again if the engine coolant temperature drops below 167°F  (75°C), or the outside air temperature drops below 46°F  (8°C).

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