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Just did my second ATF change today at 60k miles. I tow a camper a fair bit, so I try to keep the change intervals fairly low. Fluid was a skosh darker than I like to see but still plainly red. My temps regularly get into the 230 range when towing in hilly areas in the middle of summer. I know the 6L50 is supposedly supposed to be fine above 250, and DexVI is good to 280, but even so, I decided to add a small secondary cooler.

I went with an inexpensive generic tube and fin style. I take the lower grille baffles out in the summer and replace them for winter. I figured down there was a reasonable place to mount it, so it's out of the airflow in the winter and not keeping the trans from taking a long time to get up to temp.

A couple quick aluminum brackets made up, pop riveted to the end plates on the cooler, and attached to the middle crossbeam. It sits about an inch in front of the radiator. To route the lines, I simply drilled through the end of the plastic shroud at the bottom of the radiator. A little slice, a couple hose barbs and clamps, and we're in business. I ordered some small T bolt clamps to use though... Not a big fan of worm screw clamps.

I'll be interested to see how much of a difference it makes. Even if it's just a little, I'm only into it 50 bucks.
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