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Back to a Chevy, But diesel this time...

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Hi all, I purchased my new 2016 Chevy Colorado LT 2.8l 7/30/16. I was exteamly lucky to find exactally what I was looking for and only had to travel a couple of hours to get it. The only extras I got with the truck was wheel locks and a drop in bed liner. I did also purchase the bed extender as the selling dealership gave me a coupon for $100 off of a GM accesory at the time of purchase.

I am coming from a 2012 Nissan Frontier King Cab that my son is now driving and paying me half of what my new payment is. Previously in life I have owned a 1981 K1500 with the straight six 250ci engine. No good speed but loads of torque in the engine. And I also had a 1988 S10 short bed with the 2.5l inline 4. That engine was a beast, could not kill that thing.

Anyway, for the short time I have been able to drive my new rig, (I travel for work and it spends 16 days at a time parked) I have absolutly loved the truck. Unfortunetly later this month I have to bring the truck to my local dealer to have the paint on the driver door repaired properly, they said it looks like the factory repainted the door and did not do it right. They will have it for 4-5 days and will be providing me with a loaner truck. Not a disel though as they are not allocated for any at all. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Pickup truck
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