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Fellow owners - I've got a '19 z71 2.8l with 21k miles. I love the truck but saw some issues on another discussion post (Engine Failure- Now what? Options?) about blown engines due to a weak pin. I'm trying to find out how frequent/rare this occurs. It seems to occur between 40k and 70k miles, deleted and non-deleted. I'd like to know if anyone here has experienced the same and preferably it not be a story your sister's cousin's brother heard. Is this a known issue (and the reason why the 2.8 is being discontinued)? Are the '19s and newer safe from this or just as susceptible? The post I referenced is from a year ago and didn't say much about 19s (probably because they didn't have the miles on them yet) Thanks!

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Ok scratch the note about being discontinued, it was a 2020 gmauthority blog but they are now keeping it, at least through 2022.
If they don’t sell the 2.8 after next year then that is what you call discontinued....
They sold the plant that makes the engine because they knew they were going to discontinue it.
Both Ford and GM dont get the massive markups they get from there full sized lines.
Ford never really wanted to bring the Ranger back. They didn’t want it biting into the sales of there full size trucks. The segment leader the F150...They only brought the Ranger back because people wanted it back and GM had mid sized trucks.
The diesel adds a lot of money to the price of a Canyon or Colorado. They didn’t sell as well as they thought they would. Then you had all these idiot people out there saying a diesel doesn’t get that much better mileage than a gas engine.
I thought gas prices would have gone through the roof by now. And people would be getting rid of there full sized trucks for a mid sized that gets 50% better mileage.
I do believe that day is coming. But the virus has slowed the economy.
GM has spent a lot of money on there new 3.0 inline 6 diesel. They built it from the ground up and this engine puts the ball back in the full sized truck market. Killer is the only reason they have this engine is that both Ford and Ram have a 3.0 diesel.
Notice that Ram doesn’t see a good reason to bring back the Dakota? Like Ford they don’t see the small amount of mid sized truck sales worth the effort. And they don’t see why anyone would want to loose full sized truck sales to a mid sized truck that doesn’t make you as much profit.
If small truck get popular again. And I think they will. I don’t think Hyundai is wrong brining the Santa Cruz to market. This company has been kicking asss for a while. Then I think Ram will get back into small trucks... Ford sees this coming too. Ford will bring the Maverick to market soon. I hope it will be better built than the actual Maverick car was back in the day. What a POS that was....

I think the 2023 Canyon/Colorado with the 2.7 gas will do very well for GM
With all the talk of electric trucks I don’t think they care if people like me want a really efficient diesel any more.....

This could be controversial but notice how there is no other mid sized diesel in the north American market. The EPA makes them less than reliable.
Not even Toyota will bring a diesel to North America
But if your enywhere else you have many choices...

One thing I found out that really made me mad was that a full sized truck with a 6.6 diesel can produce a lot more pollution than a 2.8 diesel.
So in other words the pollution control equipment as in the DPF has to collect way more soot than that of a bigger diesel.
Big rigs have an even lower soot limit to trap.
So small diesels are really held to a very high emissions standards.

I know this was way to long, but I get so pissed off when I finally am impressed with the size and capabilities of a vehicle like my Colorado and the EPA and the stupid idea of an electric truck kills it.
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