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A folding tonneau cover is a perfect way to protect your belongings from rainfalls, wind, sunlight, snow, and thieves while customizing your vehicle’s exterior and even slightly improving its aerodynamics. However, not all folding tonneau covers are built the same. That’s why we’d like you to read this short shopping advice before you place an order for a Chevy Colorado folding tonneau cover.

Types of folding tonneau covers
Knowing which types of folding tonneau covers are available on the market will help you address your needs more correctly and allow you to pick out the best tonneau cover for your pride and joy. So, what are the options?
1. Soft folding tonneau covers
A soft folding tonneau cover features a sturdy yet lightweight frame (often aluminum) and a soft covering (often vinyl) for basic protection from weather hazards and prying eyes. As a rule of thumb, folding tonneau covers have a tri-fold construction, which allows for quick and easy access to 1/3 or 2/3 of the bed, as well as full access to your bed’s space if necessary.

Pros of soft folding tonneau covers:
  • affordable price
  • lightweight
  • easy to install with no tools required
  • allow for transporting awkwardly shaped loads
Cons of soft folding tonneau covers:
  • less durable
  • easier to damage by thieves
2. Hard folding tonneau covers
A hard folding tonneau cover shares the same basic construction as its soft counterparts but features hard panels made of hard plastic, fiberglass, and even aluminum instead of soft ones. Such constriction differences dramatically enhance durability, provide better security, and allow for holding-up relatively heavy weight.

Pros of hard folding tonneau covers:
  • added durability and strength to withstand thieves and extreme weather hazards
  • drill-free installation
  • better esthetic appeal
Cons of hard folding tonneau covers:
  • higher price
  • don’t allow for transporting awkwardly shaped loads
Can a folding tonneau cover help me save at the pump?
In theory, a folding tonneau cover, especially a hard one, should improve aerodynamics by reducing drag. However, different studies, including the Consumer Reports test and the ones provided by SEMA (the Specialty Equipment Market Association) and “MythBusters” say about no significant increase in fuel economy when driving a truck with a tonneau cover. But, anyway, a folding tonneau cover is a great investment into your security and driving comfort.

Where can I buy a top-quality folding tonneau cover?
Truck and Gear is home to an array of high-quality soft and hard folding tonneau covers at competitive prices. Visit us today to get your special offer.
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