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As a U.S. resident, these are the only ones I know that you can still purhase:

  • DuramaxTuner (emissions intact tunes)
  • MotorOps (intact tunes as well as delete tunes and the Canadian counterpart to DuramaxTuner)
  • American Diesel Performance or ADP (intact tunes)
  • HD Diesel Supply (intact and delete tunes). It is believed that Green Diesel Engineering or GDE supplies their tunes. GDE quit selling tunes here in the U.S. after the EPA crackdown.
hACKman's Customs quit selling out of the U.S. and to U.S. customers as far as I can tell after the crackdown. I am a customer of his tunes (purchased before the crackdown) so maybe that makes me preferenced to him, but after listening to others who had his or switched from a competitor, it does sound like he had one of the best and most reliable tunes out there. He is now partnered with Canadian Diesel Power but will only sell to Canadian customers as far as I know.
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