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Complete pre-start indications while driving at 40 mph

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Has anyone experienced the entire dash and mylink display system doing a spontaneous prestart reset? You know that electronic ritual when you first start where the needles go full swing, all caution lights illuminate for about 2 seconds etc...
I was driving at 40 MPH and that is what I experienced. it occurred at 4502 miles, but I doubt if that is critical. It could be a ground, but coincidentally, I drove under the shadow of large tree and thought it may have been a reaction to the light sensor tripping. It's been three weeks and no recurrence since.
Any thoughts?
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Mylink display did that once right after I got the truck but none of the other stuff did, I now have 13,900 miles on it and hasn't done it again.
Same here, happened once and never again.
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