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Below are pictures of the drawers installed in my truck! Just uninstalled yesterday and left everything in a very easy to assemble format.
  • Fits all short beds from this generation
  • Has the additional rail system and 4 tie downs that can slide and adjust
  • Includes lock system with 1 key
Give me a PM with any questions. It's in overall good shape Below are the few potential things wrong with it:

  • Paint stain on the back left. Just watered down acrylic paint- would clean off relatively easy
  • Back lettering from the measuring tape and steel plate is worn off a bit
  • One of the buckets (the right one) got cracked where it got torqued down a little too hard. It's not cracked all the way through and will install just fine. I don't know when it happened but as I just uninstalled it from my truck.
Local pickup only- listed for $800 obo. paid ~ $1,500 retail.

Also for sale is the back-rack in photos ($200 obo)

San Diego, CA 92108.
Would potentially drive within a couple hours to meet someone for the right price.
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