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DEF injecter had to be replace.

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My check engine light came on today on my one month old truck with 3500 miles. Took it in to the dealer. They hooked it up to the computer said something is wrong with the DEF system. Turn out to be the DEF injecter.

This sucks coming from owning Toyota truck and car which I like because of its reliability. I hope this is not what to come with my truck only being 3500 miles and is at the dealer already.

So far I really like this truck and the 2.8 diesel. Just came back from a 2800 miles road trip. The diesel was awesome on the trip. Saw 30-31 mpg at 70 mph but at 77 mph drop to 26-27 mpg.
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Modern HPCR Diesels with VV turbos really are amazing. They run smooth and quiet like a gas engine, and make lots of power. Unfortunately you must deal with the complex emissions systems, which also reduce reliability. The only option is to live with it or be an outlaw and delete the SCR,DPF and CAT.
hard to compare a colorado thats only been out two years to a truck that didnt change for over 10 years. i think the def system definately sucks but i wouldnt really call it a reliablity problem (at this point). if it continues to give issues, then i would complain, but i think it may be too early to tell. so far, ive got over 9k miles and no issues yet. hopefully it keeps up but every vehicle is like a lottery ticket, there are good ones and bad ones.
The truck ran so great on our trip that I wouldn't think it would have any problem. That why I was a little disappointed but The dealer called me yesterday at noon. Told me that they have the part but told by GM not to install it because they are sending their engineer to look at my truck to see why the DEF injector have failed.
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Looks like you got the funky one of the bunch lol. They should get it fixed though if they are sending gm
Bad new the dealer called and said it not the DEF injecter.
I would ask for them to check the G-100 and other main grounds. The G-100 is located under/behind the windshield wiper fluid reservoir. Mine had a loose ground on the 2nd day of ownership that reduced power and threw several codes due to the communication issue.

I hope you get it fixed soon!
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