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Diesel Colorado TPW Status

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Many are waiting on their Diesel equipped Colorados to move through the manufacturing plant. This is a great place to let us know how your order is progressing.

Add your TPW status here.
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no tpw, had a 3400 status and a 12/21 tpw. on 12/24 status went to 3000 and had no tpw. ordered on 9/18
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Ordered early November. TPW 12/14, then 12/21, now TPW is unknown. Frustrating that GM cannot provide any info. Beginning to question GM's competency.
Is there no information or misinformation?
They are shut down until Monday to retool.
Had the dealer call today. Now my vehicle has been accepted for production, however there is no TPW listed at all anymore. This is the stage I was at two months ago.
Let's hope that you are not in limbo for very long this time.
They will re shuffle you back in where you were in line to start with. They just did it with me.
The dealer told me yesterday that the trucks weren't even on the assembly line yet, yet there are a few that have been delivered... Hmmm.

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Your dealer is wrong. I have a friend that works in plant they are in production.
I tried to tell her, and she was adamant about her information. Maybe the GMC production line hasn't done any yet...
They are making both. GMCs are on the ground also at the dealers.
TPW 1/25 got a email from GM Costomer Care apologizing for the delay and looks like they are getting it going now.
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That is a step in the right direction!
Test drove one today definitely kick ass. Can't wait to get mine.
Test drove one today definitely kick ass. Can't wait to get mine.
What?! Where did you drive it?

How was it? You should post up with your impressions!
I drove a red LT cc short bed Colorado diesel from Chanpion in Johnson City TN. It was great lots of power and the trans holds the gears much better than the v6. The engine is quiet at speed and sounds like a diesel at idle. I feel once they get out will take the market by storm. The truck I drove is still for sale. Someone grab it. It won't last long. Waiting for my White long bed Z71.
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TPW 1/25/16 3400 holding hope it's going to happen next week.
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