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Like others I wanted visibility to re-gen activity. Particularly on long trips. With other issues, I wanted visibility to gauges or data. I determined i would buy a WiFi OBD (ELM327) and use the iPhone app OBD Fusion (I have used others but this has some friendly features.

First on a recent trip after almost 300 miles, My truck completed a re-gen. I was aware of the start and finish because exhaust temperature sensor 4 was over 1100 degrees for almost 20 miles and prior to that it remained in the 450 degree range. Mileage impact was .2MPG on the dash, which was slight to notice and I would have likely chalked that to wind.....

OK then I was monitoring NoX sensor 1 and 2 and I could see the impact of acceleration, deceleration as well as the DEF contributions. Interestingly after the re-gen sensor 2 stopped reading for a brief time, I attribute this to the extreme temperature and did not result in a code.

I was able to set up multiple dash boards with various gauges for the 4 exhaust temp sensors and the 2 NoX sensors on the same dashboard. I have others i use as well.

Another thing is being able to record the CEL code, save it and details, reset and see if it comes back. On several occasions I have had a code that was transient and never came back (always exhaust system sensors)

Just a thought for the other data hogs out there who want to see more than an idiot light.
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