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You guys are funny. I’m all about my freedoms and liberties but you guys sound like you live in gov’t proofed bunkers.

All you’ve really done here, in my opinion, is given the idiot bad guys the information needed to disable onstar when they steal one of these trucks.

Want to think up some scenarios? Let’s do that.. What about when insurance can’t recover your stolen truck because you tampered with it’s “tracker” and now they deny your claim. See, it’s silly to think of all the what if’s.

Besides, it’s kind of egotistical to think the government wants to watch you. I assure you, they care nothing about you. If you were on their “watch list” you’d have bigger problems than onstar.

Use a cell phone? They’re already capable of “listening”.

You can opt-in or out of the onstar/insurance information sharing. I opted out.

Manufacturers have always contacted owners about scheduling service using phone calls, email and coupon mailers.

They will still try and find you to collect debts like they have for many decades.

They’ll only control the vehicle if it’s stolen (limiting to 7mph, I believe is what I read) or it would be hilarious if they did it to a bad guy in a high speed chase.

You’ll still have limp mode if you forget your DEF, so that control is still there

Me, I use the onstar app to send gps coordinates to my truck for the nav system and unlock the vehicle with it quite often (yesterday, in fact. my FIL needed a receipt from my glovebox to pick up a surprise i had for my wife) Maybe it could help my family in an accident. Only negative I have ever experienced is once or twice in two years the vehicle has announced to me over intercom that it was connected to limited onstar (because I’m not subscribed) and I couldn’t skip the announcement.
Sounds very naive... why let a company make money by reporting your data to an insurance company who will Jack up your premiums? They said they would deactivate that (y) because they are honest and don't like money? and if your OnStar isn't working, your insurance claim cant be denied if the vehicle is stolen.
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