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Doors draining water

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I have noticed each time I open the driver or passenger doors that water drains from the drain holes in the lower corners of the doors. Yes, I acknowledge that drains are designed to drain. My concern is that there is a lot of water accumulating in the door which means premature corrosion. The lower weather stripping seems to be very weak, and there appears to be a very weak seal. No water in the cab and I did drive through some very significant weather as Invest 99L (which matured through TD, TS, and Hurricane Hermine) while in the Keys. Anyway, maybe some engineer out there can reassure me that I shouldn't be too concerned about all the water oozing out of my door. I have similar concerns with the tailgate drains and I have noticed some evidence of rust at the spot welds along the lower portions of the bed below the tail gate. Huurrumph!
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