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Downshifting downhill

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Ever since I removed the battery cable and reinstalled it for my S&B intake I've noticed going down a hill the truck will shift into a lower gear as to slow or help maintain speed. Doesn't want to coast down a hill. Tow/exhaust brake and down hill assist off.

Anyone else have this and is this normal? Maybe the S&B made it more noticeable. I'm ok with it if normal lol.
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Mine is stock and still likes to down-shift at points where I think (or would prefer) it coasts. t"m guessing they have programmed the trans to always down-shift where it can to prevent any lag when you hit the gas again. When I last had it in for service reported it as a concern as the trans was always trying to find a 'happy place' going downhill or even on the flat at 25-40 mph and they told me it was *normal* and that I had the latest trans programming installed.
I guess it's like the truck starts up in haul/tow mode. I have to flip the exhaust brake switch on and back off to get it to stop.
Did you, for the sake of just wondering, disconnect and reconnect the batteries just to see if it reverts it back?

Also, did you have it in tow haul before you shut off the truck and disconnected the batteries for the install? Just curious.
Disconnected battery twice and outbof haul/tow/engine brake mode.
When first going downhill, the truck will coast if you let go of the skinny pedal. If you touch your brake for any reason, the truck will downshift, you hit the brake again, the truck downshift again. But if you give it a little skinny pedal, the engine rev up high and drop off, it will get out of the downshift and go back to coasting. That is how mine worked going from Missoula to Seattle to Portland and then to Mt Shasta. It felt weird at first, but after understanding what it does, it actually work pretty well.
Well I didn't noticed it today or yesterday. I guess the truck had to relearn itself or something within so many miles.
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