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Exhaust fluid quality poor... down 4 grand no fix

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Hey guys, I have daily driven my 2018 Zr2 diesel for a little over 2 years now, odometer reads 75k
i have been getting the amazing locked limp mode code “exhaust fluid quality poor” speed limit etc for some time now and it has been “fixed” now twice. First they replaced 2 NOX sensors.... put me back about 2 grand and I’m really not sure who approved this one; but now my ECM has been replaced.
The code came back after about 500 miles after the ECM replacement.

if anyone has had anything similar and had any reasonable success with this code, I’d really appreciate the insight.
Thanks guys
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I had the same issue multiple times. Took 4 replacements of the DEF injector to get a good one. Chevy ponied up with an extended coverage letter. You might write to them explaining the issue. Nice how the DEF system isn't considered in the fed warranty as a major component. Haven't had any issues since the 4th replacement.

Try writing to Chevy at the following address, and be sure to detail each issue you had with services completed, costs, copies of service receipts, and the results.

Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center
P.O. Box 33136
Detroit, MI 48323-5136

It's worth a shot.
I don’t understand how the def system (all parts) aren’t covered as it is part of the pollution control system.
I was looking through my warranty book and GM has so many holes in what’s covered and what’s not covered its ridiculous...
On YouTube a guy was told no warranty on the EGR after basic warranty was up.
That is criminal..
10,000 parts all sourced from the lowest bidder. What could go wrong?
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I have been extremely fortunate with the warranty dance, but I do feel for those who get hosed. I guess if you hire enough lobbyists and grease enough palms, you can get away with murder and get a bailout. GM was too big to fail, but not too big to fail the customer.
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I've gone over this one several times, but it was the DEF injector. It took 4 replacements to get it fixed. I complained to chevy and ended up with a coverage letter for everything for 3 years. Contact Chevy Trucks through facebook.
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