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Exhaust temperature sensor

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Hey all,

Purchased a 2016 GMC Canyon a couple months back. Had just got it back from getting a scratch that was on it when I bought it. Instantly noticed Bluetooth/radio acting different then when I first picked it up.

Anyways, I still had temp plates on it and just 1,000 miles when it suddenly turned off/died in the middle of a busy mall intersection around the holiday. Wouldn't start back up and all sorts of people honking - it was a mess.

5 mins later it finally started and evey dash light was on (decreased engine power, service stabilitrack, check engine, etc.) Ran real funky, pulled into lot and got it towed. Dealer told me the exhaust temperature sensor code was off and replaced it.

3,000 miles later my Bluetooth still seems different and I'm always uneasy with every noise, vibration, funky shift, etc that it's going to die again. Don't want to keep feeling this way and curious if anyone else had the same issue? Is it recurring?!
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Hi Timmydegs,

We are sorry to hear that you're experiencing these concerns with your Canyon. If you would like for us to look into this further, and reach out to your dealership, please let us know in a private message! Be sure to include your VIN, contact information and preferred dealership.

Bret B.
GM Customer Care
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