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Getting Brighted at night with Low Beams on?

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Does anyone else have issues driving at night with just your low beams on and getting brighted constantly by oncoming drivers? I do love the truck and the headlights it has (GMC Canyon, not sure if the Colorado's have the same issue with their headlights). The low beams are probably brighter and reach out farther and wider than most vehicles high beams. I hate to see what happens when we put a 4-5 inch lift on the truck. Although, the high beams might go over top of most cars, so might just have to run those all the time =)

I figure I could lower the headlight angle, but I didn't know if that would help enough, as I know the lights on the truck are very bright.
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No issue w/2017 stock height Colorado - even with LED lighting. If you are still under warranty just take it in and have them aimed.
I don't get 'brighted on' w/ my low beams on but some drivers will leave their highs on till I flash my highs. Driving lights are on all the time too. Most if not all vehicles cut the driving lights when on high beam, more people should realize this. Anymore, I will leave my highs on later so the oncoming driver will know they're on high till I dim 'em w/ in their sight, kinda works better.

'16 Canyon 4X4, no lift or leveling kit. These lights are comparable to my '12 Sierra and '14 Silverado when new. I like 'em.
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The only time I ran into issues was towing. I'd certainly consider getting the headlights aimed properly for a lift/level.
I have never been a fog light guy, but if you are getting brighted, put your fog lights on with your low beams, as most people know, if you see fog lights and head lights, it will be low beams because most of the time, you cannot use fog lights with high beams.......
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