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Getting P2002 Particulate Trap Efficiency Below Threshold

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Ugh! Don't know if it's just happening because of a sensor, bad DPF, COVID, not towing or some other issue. 2017 Z71, 65,000 but DPF was changed under warrantee about 30,000 miles ago. I haven't been towing much over that past year and a half so haven't really worked the engine. Additionally, because of the price of diesel I have not been doing much long highway driving in the past 9 months. I use Standyne Performance and Lubricity each fill up and Diesel Extreme about every 2500 miles when I add DEF. The DPF was replaced by GM because the NOx sensor went bad and broke off when they tried to remove it. Since the entire exhaust is one welded piece I got a new DPF and tailpipe because of a $125 sensor.

Wondering if anyone knows which sensor is the one that trips the DPF being below threshold? When the NOx sensor in the tailpipe went the code was specific to that. I know there's 2 pressure sensors in the DPF that determines when it needs to regen as well as an EGT. The P2002 has popped 3 times now which I cleared, seems to come on about every 200 miles. This last time the truck had recently completed a regen which cleaned things out. Based on my OBD Fusion calculation is dropped the Soot level from 100% to 6% so I think it got a good cook/clean. When the latest P2002 popped my soot level was at like 20% so shortly after the DPF cook.

I have a long 600 mile highway trip coming up in a few weeks so we'll see if a couple of good highway cooks change anything. Hopefully and if I start towing again maybe that will help too.
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