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Hello from Central Texas

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Greetings from a new member in central Texas! A little background:

I owned a 2015 Colorado Z71 for 15 months/20,000 miles and absolutely loved it. About four months ago I was at a local smalltown dealer and saw a beautiful 2016 Duramax LT 4x4 LB sitting on the lot. I inquired about it and was told it was ordered by a customer who changed his mind and wanted a short bed truck. I knew these were in short supply so I asked for a test drive. Traded in my 2015 and paid cash difference on the spot.

I love the little oil-burner even more than my old 3.6 L truck. I use it to travel to my ranch and regularly haul hay and livestock trailers--it works perfectly for me. I now have 5,000 miles on the Duramax and during that time it has averaged exactly 25% better MPG than did the V-6. I have had absolutely no issues with the truck. I have no doubt my old V-6 truck would beat in in a drag race, but in everyday driving the diesel actually feels quicker. I realize the extra expense for the diesel package is not for everyone, but it fits my needs exactly. I've owned a number of pickups in my time, and this is the best of the bunch.


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