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Hello from Kansas

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Just took delivery three days ago on my Colorado Diesel. More than impressed. That little diesel gets right down the road. I bought the Z71 with a long bed. Bed is only slightly smaller than the bed on my Silverado short bed that I traded. I like that the truck is only marginally smaller and nearly as tall as the Silverado but enough that it is easier to park in town. I bought the truck in black and now looking for some way to break up that solid look with chrome door handles or something. That little diesel gets right down the road. I am a fast driver so I'm happy with a 26+ average mpg. At the speed limit it will average 30 mpg. Truck is really quiet. Navigation system sucks as do all GM navigation systems.
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Sounds like a nice truck, agree with the navigation on most any of the stock vehicle navigation systems. I went with the radio without the navigation system since these trucks have Apply Car play and Android Auto. I have a Samsung S4 and the Android Auto works well and will display Google Maps from your phone on the radio display, works much better, I think.
Congrats on your truck!

I've had mine a week & so far I'm impressed.
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