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Greetings everyone. Picked up a 2016 Colorado last week that only had 10,400 miles on it. Previous owner was gracious enough to have already installed Weathertech window vents, hood protector and floor liners (front and rear) though I found them to be rather slippery with my everyday shoes on so I got some OEM carpet mats off of ebay. I'll just use the Weathertechs in the winter. Also came with a roll-up aluminum tonneau cover and from what little research I've done, those things cost over $900. So thank you , Mr. Previous Owner. Dealer tinted the front windows for me as part of the deal.

Mainly went with the diesel since we plan on getting a camper in the next year or two and wanted the extra towing capacity w/o having to go full size. I test drove both a Silverado and Sierra, but those things are just too massive for me to want to drive around in every day, plus I didn't think they would fit in my garage. Heck, I barely got the Colorado to fit.

I am a tad curious why someone would trade it in (on a Sierra according to dealer) after only a year and putting so much money in accessories into it. Maybe they did want the extra size of the Sierra?
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Seems like you got yourself a good buy. The tonneau cover is awesome. I have a Pace Edward and it was $1500.
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