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Im a little bored and want to try and get some more power out of our motor.....It seems that the only mods out there are a mild tune OR to do a complete engine rebuild and throw on the sdp compound kit. Is there anything in between, like doing studs and a turbo swap? You know looking more on the pushing max limit but still daily driver.

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Max power and daily driver are generally mutually exclusive.
These are new to North America so probably little full on hot rodding has been done.
Usual dieselstuff would apply.
Bigger turbo, exhaust, intake, injectors, custom programming.
You would have to source better head bolts, and all reciprocating assembly fasteners.
Who knows how much boost the block would take before it came apart?
Then there is the driveline issues.
Trans won’t take much more reliably without modifications. Differentials would need to be upgraded.
If you are looking for BIG power, better to invest in a heavier driveline (truck).
These are made to be economical with good, not huge, power.
Good luck.
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