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The instructions I was sent never mentioned 'bending' the brake line just running the U-bolts under it, on my 2017 the brake line is not snug against the axle. The installation instructions are attahced (note: this was current last year, it may have been updated and you can always contact their customer service for the latest version).

The only installation issues I had was the right drop link is close (~3/16") to the exhaust pipe and it took a lot of finessing (OK, 'swearing') to get the drop-link bracket bolts around the frame and everything adjusted. On the bright side it can be done by most people and if you do have problems you can still take it to someone else.

I should mention that this is an item I love - the length of the Colorado with crew cab w/long bed seemed to have a lot of body roll and this really tamed that for me.


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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