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Hi all. This is the first ime ive ever joined a forum.

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I've been a life long Chevy owner and my current vehicle is a 2001 lifted 3/4 ton which I absolutely love for the work it can do and the tuffness of the truck. I am planning toward my retirement now and my wife and I are looking to buy our first brand new vehicle. we've decided on a Colorado or canyon as we will be driving to Florida and back and hopefully towing a boat approximately 5,000 LB. range. and think the Colorado would be just the right sized vehicle to be able to Carry what we need but not the poor gas mileage of a big truck and the hassle for my wife to park a 22 foot long lifted truck at the grocery store. I'm sure we want a double cab and as many of the luxury items we can afford. I would like to know what u guys think are important options to have as IT will be used in the heavy snow Weather in the Adirondacks as well as the hot sunny weather of Florida. will the Colorado be comfortable towing 5 to seven thousand pound trailer for two thousand miles? also considering the 3.6L gas. and have never owned a diesel. how will the diesel be better or worse? canyon or Colorado ? what package options do I what. I kinda of want to make my new truck stand out and be mine. what aftermarket accessories ate available for looks convenience and added power and sounding like a Nada's diesel little truck. let me know what you guys think and what's available. I would be willing to order a truck and wait for it. have there been any issues with the new diesel? am I asking to much from it. thanks guys and gals.
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