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High Country 2" leveling lift Kit

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Has anyone installed High Country 2" leveling lift Kit on a Colorado Diesel? Just bought a new Colorado and want to get the front end higher to avoid damage to air foil in front. I don't plan on towing to heavy of a load with it other than a small 3 place motorcycle trailer. I do a lot of traveling on forest service type roads in Oregon an the minimal ground clearance in the front will be a problem. Any information or advise would be appreciated.
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I'm assuming you mean rough country. if you do, then yes. my truck has a rough country 2" leveling kit and have been pleased with it. It is not something you will likely be able to do yourself though.
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I don't have the rough country lift kit, but I do have a 2" lift, I removed the air dam, I tow heavy stuff, and I drive/ tow off road as well

Not here to pimp my choice of lift over any other products, but any of the quality lifts out there (installed properly) will be just fine for your purposes.

In my opinion, lifting the truck negates the air dam, yank that thing. Save it, you can put it back on if you want.
yeah, I pulled my airdam off too. over 2500 miles I lost .6mpg and it could be attributed to a number of different things other than the airdam so I would say no difference once you level the truck. according to gm, it helps cool the engine, but again, once you level the truck, you throw all the factory aerodynamics out the window
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